Electrical Design

We are specialist on EPLAN / Autocad Electrical / eDrawing and provide design, drawing and solution for wide range of clients in different industries.

EPLAN P8, EPLAN Pro Panel, Autocad Electrical are our main design tools.

  • Electrical Panel General Arrangement Drawing

We produce 2D & 3D designs & drawings/panel wiring diagram of all types of electrical System like-

  1. MCC Panels
  2. Low Voltage Switch Gear Panels
  3. High Voltage Switch Gear Panels
  4. Automation Panels
  5. Motion Controller Panels
  6. Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
  7. Generator Circuit Beaker Panels
  8. Generator Control and Protection Panels
  9. Variable Frequency Drive
  • Wiring-Incoming Power

We Provide wiring diagram of various types of electrical systems that covers-

  1. PLC networks, PLC loop, PLC input/output
  2. Safety relay circuits
  3. Frequency converter, Motion controller
  4. Motor starter
  5. HMI, Touch Panels
  6. Wiring splitter box, Ethernet Switch
  7. Protections relays, thermal overloads, MPCB, Over/Under Voltage, Over/Under Current
  8. Instrument
  • Wiring Diagram Cover Page

We Provide Documents of Electrical Panel or Total Electrical Systems like-

  1. Bill of Materials
  2. Cable Schedules /Cable Diagrams
  3. Cable Termination Diagrams
  4. Product Technical Specifications